her last words were, I'll see you down in history!

your ghost
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damien rice at danforth music hall july 17 2006
snow patrol at kool haus september 13 2006
snow patrol at the ricoh march 31 2007
the frames at the phoenix april 20 2007
the swell season at the regent theatre may 4 2007
damien rice at massey hall may 18 2007
damien rice at olympia de montréal may 20 2007
damien rice at the hummingbird centre september 10 2007
fionn regan at the horseshoe tavern september 26 2007
regina spektor at the kool haus october 13 2007
the swell season at danforth music hall november 23 2007
christine fellows at the music gallery december 14 2007
hawksley workman at danforth music hall march 7 2008
bell x1 at el mocambo march 12 2008
basia bulat at lee's palace march 29 2008
the swell season at the massey hall september 20 2008
ray lamontagne at danforth music hall october 7 2008
hawksley workman at the massey hall november 28 2008
katie stelmanis & the d'urbervilles at tiger bar december 12 2008
the d'urbervilles & timber timbre at tranzac january 10 2009
lisa hannigan at the mod club march 1 2009
ray lamontagne at the massey hall april 15 2009

...the best is still yet to come


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she unties my ropes
so i fly for a while
in a lie
in another sky


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